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Everyone, why did you choose your avitars? Some are nice and some are weird. Please tell me.

Mine: It is ALWAYS CHANGING because of the homeland security alert setting come here if you want to see it biggrin.gif
Rancid Uncle
My avatar is usually Bob Marley album covers. Last Christmas I made Bob look like Father Christmas for my avatar. Maybe I'll make a patriotic Bob Marley avatar for the 4th of July.
Mine's kinda self explanatory, it shows patriotism, so I picked it.

CP us.gif
Abs like Jesus
Hmmm... I'm trying to recall how I could have ever possibly opted for an avatar of a half-naked Jesus with classic washboard abdominals... innocent.gif

Another hearty thanks to Wertz for the avatar, a considerable upgrade from the previous savior! wink2.gif
Mine is a hieroglypgh (the feather of maat).

Represents truth, justice, morality and balance. It was pharaoh's job to uphold Maat. When a pharaoh died, Maat was lost and the world was flung into chaos, only the coronation of a new pharaoh could restore Maat.

Feather of Maat

A little pretentious, but I thought it looked nice. happy.gif
Well, I am now going to change my avatar back to the walking bean, as it suits my name better smile.gif.
Paladin Elspeth
My avatar is Joan of Arc. Cyan found it for me.

My character in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the Balder's Gate series, is a paladin, a female knight in shining armor who battles demons, dragons, orcs, giants, mages, etc.

And the more it looks like the young Ingrid Bergman, the better. Thanks, Cyan!

And Bean, I love your walking bean avatar!
Well, I kind of diddled around with the avatars on the site but nothing really rocked my world.

I change my avatar as the mood strikes me, but I really liked Wesley Snipes in Blade 2 so this is my nod to the Daywalker.

Victoria Silverwolf
I was invited here by a friend from a science fiction and fantasy forum, where I used this avatar (out of their choices.) It is Galadriel from the film version of The Lord of the Rings. I have not seen the films. I do not resemble her in the least, but I like the pensive look on her face. I just decided to stick with it, since I am used to it.
my current avatar is the police sketch theodore "unabomber" kaczynski, for obvious reasons. I also use a picture of myself in front of an inverted reversed american flag wearing a mask up to my nose, and a photo of a palestinian boy getting ready to throw a rock at a tank. the last one came from a poster with this on it:

This is my hero, Nabil. He is eight years old. He goes into the streets alone, in his rubber shoes and t-shirt to fight with stones against Israeli tanks. Two years ago Nabil's father was killed by Israeli troops while six year old Nabil looked on helpless. Later the IDF blew up Nabil's school. Two weeks after this photo was taken an Israeli sniper shot nabil through the head, killing him instantly.

"your tax dollars at work"
Mine is a photo of me that I took while messing about with my webcam. Mundande by comparison to the others here, but you asked. smile.gif
Thats Hobbes, from 'Calvin and Hobbes' I chose him because I like his out look on life....

I wish I was as cool as Hobbes.... unsure.gif
I have a hamster lifting weights.

I chose it because I like small furry woodland creatures.

They taste yummy w00t.gif w00t.gif

Mrs. Pigpen
I thank Mike and Jaime. Jaime for the idea and Mike for creating my avatar biggrin.gif
Right now, it's my six-year-old daughter, Maya. I like her expression.
I woke up one morning and my avatar had been created by the AD gods out of the purple cosmic goo I used for months.
I change my avatar about every five minutes or so - just to keep people on their toes. cool.gif

If anyone wants help with an avatar - or wants one specially designed or whatever - cyan and I are quite willing to help out. There are others here who have also done a few for various participants, but I don't want to offer their services without their permission - sure, they can post for themselves if they like. wink2.gif Anyway, just drop us a PM and we'll do what we can to help.
QUOTE(Wertz @ Jun 17 2003, 05:13 PM)
.... I don't want to offer their services without their permission...

I'll offer Mike's assistance.... w00t.gif whistling.gif

I'd offer mine but I don't know how to photoshop anything yet
(cyan?!? shifty.gif ).

And like Wertz, my avatar is always changing. I usually try and match it to my signature. If you can't tell, mine is currently a frame from the last scene of Planet of the Apes where the Statue of Liberty is poking out of the sand. I'm due to change it soon...probably tonight and this post will no longer make sense.
Mine is of our dearly departed chocolate lab, Madison. She was probably the greatest dog I have ever been around. I was in the process of working with her on Frisbee catching and "long Jump" at the pier at the lake by our house. If anyone has ever watched the Great Outdoor Games then you know what I am talking about. She was hit by a car last year by someone speeding through our nieghborhood when she was going over to say hi to our neighbor.

I miss her!! sad.gif
That's horrible, I have a chocolate lab too, they're so friendly. Sorry that that happened to you. sad.gif

CP us.gif
My avatar is just one of a few dozen platypus pictures I've collected on my web site, scaled down to the proper size. It might change from time to time, but it will always be a platypus. One of these days maybe I'll photoshop one so it's sticking its tongue out or something.
Well, I'm currently searching for my old bean avatar, but as of yet, to no avail sad.gif. I'll look some more now though, I've got some spare time.
My avatar is whatever i'm in the mood to see.

If i want to see an F-18 Hornet, i will find one on the net & put it on my avater. If i want a 3-d chess board with the pieces fighting each other, then i'll find it & put it up w00t.gif
Mike with magic auto-rotation... unsure.gif

I like to find local pictures, simpson stuff, and anything else that catches my eye...

Mine is actually one of the standard ones for the site, but I just liked the look of that kitty. flowers.gif
I change my avatar all the time, but right now it's a picture of me. smile.gif
I had alot of pictures on another forums site of all kinds of Cyborgs and Super-humans... I liked this one the best, it's supposed to be Terminator, it was the closest I could find to the actual one I was looking for.
Billy Jean
I'm a huge Jackson fan! biggrin.gif
I don't recall what I started with. The issue was raised however of "Why don't people change their avatars more frequently?" That caused me to look up the definition, cool.gif where I found that it was a changing image of a Hindu Deity. Inherent in the use of the word was that it would change periodically. I found that fascinating.

My second Avatar was an image of the Liberty Bell that Cyan found for me, and gave me help on uploading. I selected it because I felt it represented a voice of freedom heard too infrequently in the land; and because, like me, it was cracked. flowers.gif

My current avatar, a pocket full of pens and pencils reflects a long habit. In sixth grade, a fellow student stole my pencil in the middle of a timed test. Since then, I have always had at least two writing implements in my pocket. At the moment, I have two of my four Parker Pens sleep.gif in my pajama pockets. The Parker pens are a signature. I have carried them for over 40 years now. One of the two in my pocket ran out of ink, and I needed a refill. My past experience had always been that the pen was lost before I needed to buy a refill. I usually also carry advertising pens and the like in case someone that I don't know wants to borrow a pen, and a pencil or two for my daughter. innocent.gif

On the job, I wore a shirt with two pockets, Bib Overalls with a ruler pocket, and a hammer loop, and a coat with at least four pockets. All the pockets were filled beyond design capacity, using such techniques as hanging a hacksaw from a tool handle. When asked; I would explain that my job might require me to drive miles from my toolbox, walk through a control room, then the length of a bldg., then out to a tank farm, and climb to the top of a silo. About that point, I really didn't like to discover that I left what I needed sitting in my toolbox. mad.gif

Out of self defense, I have taught Paladin Elspeth heart.gif how to change her own avatar. In the past 24 hours, I have seen a rotating piece sign, a light house (which reflects not only where we live, but an on ongoing project in the front yard), a dancing frog with a cane and top hat, and when I last looked, the lighthouse again.
Rancid Uncle
My new avatar is the Uprising album cover which is basically a rasta guy with massive dreadlocks.
Although my avatar changes quite a bit, it will usually be related to one of two topics:
1. Ancient Rome/Greece
2. The American Revolution

But I might occasionally through in a world leader or something like that. But you can always just refer to the end of my signature to see what it is. Today, it's Burgoyne surrendering to the Americans.
Right now mine is of a friend going out the tailgate of a C-130. My original and probably next rotation will be of the Gadsden Flag......Don't Tread On Me
I have since posting added to my rotation. I lost nabil throwing his rock at the tank:( computer crashed sad.gif crying.gif as well as me in front of the flag. as of this posting I have the sickle hammer and star from the soviet flag, because (a) it looks cool, and (cool.gifI am a socialist.

I may be adding another one or two soon, depending on when I make them.
I use to have the lauging monkey, the generic avatar from AD. I like the current AD avatar i have now, its a very nice image. I would like to find one of a monkey smokeing, or maybe a image of our current president, but i dont know as of now.
Paladin Elspeth
The desire to have an avatar that fits my name persona has been all but replaced with the desire to put up fun, animated stuff and things symbolic of tradition, peace, beauty, and enlightenment. The animated lighthouse incorporates symbolism and fun.
I also have some road sign clip art. While it is nowhere as pretty, I am partial to the 'Slower Traffic Keep Right' and 'No Right Turn' signs for political reasons. tongue.gif
QUOTE(Abs like Jesus @ Jun 16 2003, 06:42 PM)
Hmmm... I'm trying to recall how I could have ever possibly opted for an avatar of a half-naked Jesus with classic washboard abdominals...   innocent.gif

blink.gif huh.gif And here I thought that other avatar was of a picture of you! whistling.gif

oh..and my avatar was given to me by a friend. I love cats and I love music. My dad played in a band for 20 years as lead guitar player. Just about everyone in my family is musically inclined in some way. I play a wee bit of guitar, a bit of piano and harmonica so the cat playing the guitar reminds me of the things I it makes me smile smile.gif
My Avator can be anything to fit my personalitry

Whether it be a Fighter Jet or something humorious or something serious (which is rare)
I like abs current avatar: buddy christ. doesn't it just....POP!?
I'm with unabomber on that one! I need to get one of those Buddy Christ dashboard figures, I hear they sell them at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Next time I'm in Red Bank, NJ...

Oh yeah, and mine is the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. I have a bunch of Marvel cards I scanned, cropped and turned into icons in Photoshop, so I'll probably be cycling through those for a while.
Bob Marley is sexy.
Unless you guys haven't read my grey notice in my sig, the dancing gopher is from CaddyShack, the funniest movie i have ever seen tongue.gif
Alan Wood
Mine was given to me by Mike and Jaime back in the 'dark ages'.

It is actually the logo (red and white normally) off the tails of Qantas aircraft, our national airline.
A bit of usless trivia.........
That IS the way QANTAS is spelled.........without the 'u'.
It's the initial letters of Queensland And Northern Territories Air Service, the original airline.

pardon my ignorance-- would someone tell me how one sets his avatar?
Click here, Brice:

You can pick from the ones we provide, use a linked image, or upload your own.

I am a Leo.

And I like consistency, so I don't change it much...

I used to use the little devil guy (standard avatar). Those are the only two I have used here...
Well, this was the only avator I could find on the Net, so I concluded that one on Stalin and a skull was better than nothing!!!

P.S. where do you go to find avators?
QUOTE(Thomas @ Jul 30 2003, 03:40 PM)
Well, this was the only avator I could find on the Net, so I concluded that one on Stalin and a skull was better than nothing!!!

P.S. where do you go to find avators?

hehehe, Thomas - I think you're having difficulty because it's avatAr not avatOr laugh.gif (please know I'm not meaning that as some back/attack, but just saying you won't have much luck looking for avators).

But serisously, you can make any old graphic into an avatar (that's all an avatar is anyway), just resize to conform to the maximum allowed size (64x64 pixels). If you want, you could tell me what you're looking for and I could find/make one for you....well find and edit, not make smile.gif
Everyone like my new one
Billy Jean
Michael never got the chance to join the Boy Scouts when he was a kid sad.gif ......


First he tried joining the MIB, now he want's to be a Boy Scout Leader! whistling.gif

biggrin.gif w00t.gif rolleyes.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
Just changed mine, to the flag of the great state of New Jersey.

CP us.gif
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