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Full Version: A re-re-Introduction
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It's been a long time since I was active here and I am a very different person then I was back then. AD came to mind this morning so I thought I'd check it out. I was surprised to be able to still log in.

I get a weird error trying to go to the home page of the forums. I see this was discussed back in January but don't know if a resolution was found. This made me wonder if the site was still active.

Anyone out there?

Mrs. Pigpen
Hi Overlandsailor!
Great to see you back. smile.gif
Yeah, things are kind of slow in here these days.
You say you are a "different person" now. I liked you then!
Hope you haven't changed quite that much? How so? huh.gif
Gray Seal
Hi overlandsailor

I am with Mrs. Pipgen, I do want to know about how you perceive yourself differently.

You do not live that far from me. The area has not changed its views. What has affected yours?

Two great names for the past, glad to run into you guys.

As for my changes, I've not become different by way of friendliness and what not, but politically things have changed in some ways.

For a long time I described myself as a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Now, I'd just call my self a liberal / progressive, though most would likely want to call me a Blue Dog Democrat because of my views on abortion (pro-life) and gun ownership (opposed to bans).

I became deeply involved in my union, as well as writing for a local labor newspaper for awhile, even went to Washington DC last year to receive a few awards for some of my work. Sadly, construction just isn't busy enough to keep my family feed so I'm going to have to leave my union to take a job at a non-member company looking for a new local manager.

I'm a strong supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, that might be seen as different by some.

How are you guys doing? What have you been up to?
Mrs. Pigpen
Ah, well…most of us have changed our views a little.
Mr P is working for the airlines now (he's still in the Reserves though, so he's on orders about 50 percent of the time until he retires), so obviously the Union is pretty key there too.
It's funny how all of those very conservative anti-Union folk become so pro-Union when it's their Union. tongue.gif
I became a Union advocate working in the hospital.
In fact, I never want to be a patient in a hospital that doesn't have a nurse's Union.
I think of Unions kind of like government…there are good and bad aspects, smaller is better, the bigger it gets the more chance for bureaucracy and the further it is away from the people.

This is highly accurate:

Hey OS- glad to hear from you. Things have changed- the biggest to me is the collapse of the "logical non-hypocritical conservative on crazy pills" and no real new subjects to debate because of it. We just don't have any logical conservatives to debate and start new topics. Most of the old kind conservatives like yourself have become completely disgusted with the conservative movement and the republican party. Another like yourself is Daytonrocker. Pretty much ended his long affiliation with the republican party because many of the same reasons. The site here did well when you had conservatives that actually tried to debate with fact and logic- and now the site just doesn't have those folks anymore to balance things out.

Here are the last 3 topics started by "CruisingRam":;p=100031702;p=100030618;p=100026871

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read through them entirely and then ascertain whether "CR"'s characterization of ad.gif's remaining conservatives (i.e. that we don't even try to "debate with fact and logic") holds any water, or whether said characterization on "CR"'s part suffers from being founded upon a purely situational (i.e. self-serving) ideological stance, i.e. one whereby the difference between a conservative who does try to "debate with fact and logic" and one who doesn't is simply based on whether said conservative agrees with "CR" or not.

Welcome back to ad.gif. I'm looking forward to engaging you in debate, not least because I'm very curious in regards to finding out more about the "facts and logic" that have, over just a handful of years or so, led you to a point whereby you think that the person who should be our next President is ... Bernie Sanders.

Hello 'OS,'

You don't know me, or I you, but I have seen your past posts. Welcome back. I look forward to reading your posts, esp about Sanders (?). smile.gif


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