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Full Version: Political Stuff That Makes Me Go WTF?
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What political stuff makes you go WTF? -- as in this must mean something, just not sure what.

Minority POTUS's

John Quincy Adams - Federalist Party, 1825-29

Rutherford B. Hayes - Republican and Whig Parties, 1877-81

Benjamin Harrison - Republican Party, 1889-93

George W. Bush - Republican Party, 2001-09

Donald Trump - Republican Party, 2017-??

Let's see, were Federalists conservative? I suppose given their place in history, as opposed to Thomas Jefferson. Maybe better terms are realist and idealist. Whigs were against Andrew Jackson due to his perceived tyrannical exercise of power, so that rings a modern conservative bell. But then there's Trump.

Notably absent from this list are any Democratic POTUS's.

Huh. WTF? I think there should be at least one Democratic minority POTUS over the past couple hundred years among the 40-some POTUS's. Or is the system rigged in favor of Republicans/conservatives? That's my immediate take, but I really am not sure. There is evidence that the Electoral College was invented not to favor conservatives but to avoid the rise of populist demagogues. Maybe that intention was nice but not attainable via the EC?

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