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Full Version: Federal catastrophic medical expense insurance as an entitlement.
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Federal catastrophic medical expense insurance as an entitlement.

Most medical expenses on behalf of patients are eventually paid by those legally obligated to do so, or by charitable contributions. A significant portion of those paid expenses are eventually net expenses to our governments and thus to our taxpayers.
eventually what would otherwise be unpaid medical expenses are, (I suspect to a great significant extent) eventually also paid by our governments and thus by our taxpayers.

If entitlement to federal payment of individuals catastrophic medical expenses would be at no cost to any individuals or medical plans, (e.g. insurance or HSA plans), it would not be of net great additionally significant expenses to our governments or our taxpayers; (if it were of any net increases of our governments’ expenses, those expenses would be imperceivably small within individuals’ tax contributions).

Reduction of unpaid medical bills reduce medical service providers’ expenses, and costs and prices for all (commercial, and non-profit, and government’s) medical plans such as insurance or health savings plans; consequentially making those medical plans more affordable and reducing the proportion of our population lacking adequate medical insurance.

This is not an entire solution; it’s a proposed improvement for our nation’s current and whatever is likely to be our future medical care policies.

Respectfully, Supposn
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