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Full Version: 2020 Election Audit
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In the Biden political advisor thread, Trouble posited that the Biden administration will need to contend with an election audit.

Among the listed items were:

Reciprocation of the allegations of electoral irregularities that democrats brought up in 2016.
Flaws with electronic voting.
Constitutionality of mail-in ballots.

Additionally, President Trump has asserted that widespread fraud gave the election to Biden and that he is the true winner in the 2020 presidential election.

My position is that no credible evidence has been offered despite scores of filed court cases. And that irregularities fall in the category of lower than average.

So the questions for debate are:

Is there credible evidence of fraud in this election that took a victory from Trump and gave it to Biden?
Is there credible evidence of irregularities in this election that impacted the results of the election?

Stay safe out there folks!
I honestly am afraid at the assaults on democracy. I don't understand how you can play political theater with attacks on our central institution and not be held to account.

Ted Cruise as exhibit number 142

My only solace is that there has been a divide between Republicans in positions of authority and Republicans on the sidelines swinging wrecking balls.

Just giving you guys the heads up that I'm still working on a reply for this thread as I have time. This one will cover a lot and will be the last deep dive post I can do before the baby comes so I wanted to do it right and make sure that I'm doing proper research. Ill have many sources to share and information that may be new to some members. Very few of the links I share will come from a conservative outlet, it'll mainly be either left leaning news outlets or non biased sources that I share. I want to look at some of the reasons that many journalist are saying that allegations of voter fraud are baseless or debunked and provide some raw data as well.

I think its a safe assumption that some members who read this upcoming reply will disagee so let me know if I make a mistake or there's something important to add. 👍

I'm terrible at giving timelines for when posts will be completed but I will say that I've worked on this off and on for almost a month and I'm well over halfway finished. I'm probably about 2/3rds of the way through this one so if all goes well it shouldn't be more than another couple of weeks.
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