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Full Version: Motives of the Madness
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So it has been 2020 all year here in Nashville.

On March 2nd, my neighborhood and very lightly my house was a direct hit of a tornado. Then the pandemic. And now a bombing on Christmas morning. I was already at my kids house when this happened two miles from my house. I heard that it was felt as far as 15 miles from the explosion.

We are at the point of evolving confirmed details and at a point of speculation.

The explosion knocked out the internet and cell connection for AT&T. The bombing was in the heart of Nashville's commercial and tourist blocks. The tallest building in Nashville is called the Batman building (because it looks like Batman) and it is named the AT&T building.

The reports are that an RV was parked on a city street early Christmas morning, and as sunrise neared there were reports of shots fired, and then the RV starting blaring a bizarre evacuation message. Police knocked on doors in the neighborhood to try to evacuate the area and than a massive explosion damaged 41 buildings and injured three people including at least one responding police officer.

There is apparently some human tissue in the wreckage, but it is not yet identified.

So, while this story unravels, what does this look like to you?

Is it akin to a Die Hard viewer creating cover for a heist of some type?
Or a Fight Club viewer sowing anarchy and destroying data and connectivity?
Or a copy of Timothy McVeigh with a kindred spirit in terms of motive?
Or international terrorism?

It is a surreal year, I was informed by my Chinese host son who heard from his parents in China (Urumqi) before anyone in our network reached out to us. A few hours later at the family was clicking on access to Wonder Woman 84 all internet access from ATT and cell service disconnected.

Later 911 lines were reported as not functioning and travel at BNA was shut down because of communication problems.

Merry Christmas and stay safe out there everyone!
I don't have too much to add here because I'm working on a reply for your election fraud thread and that'll take at least a week or two to finish. I just want to say, I'm glad you're safe given how close you live to where that explosion took place. I'm in Tennessee as well but near Newport TN. Our phone service went down here on Christmas but I'm not sure if that explosion had anything to do with it. We had a lot of wind and snow come through here the night before so it could have been that.

I'm not sure on what the motives were on this bombing because I haven't been following it too much but 2020 has been chaotic indeed. I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime. Between Covid-19, the lockdowns, the election controversy, and this bombing, I think America could use a break for sure. We'll see what happens, our politics are so screwy right now that it exacerbates many of the problems we're facing but I try to tell myself that it can't get much worse than this.
Not enough information to comment on. Something tells me there won't be much follow up investigating for this particular incident. So commenting on it will be much like the Vegas shooter where there were some allegations in the first week and then nothing was confirmed after that. Still, if you want to open up the doors to some pretty strange speculation, how does the parent company of Solar Winds have a data center almost in line with the explosion a street over? link (about 20min. in)
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