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Full Version: Animal Testing
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There is a lot of controversy over the morality of testing new products and procedures on non-human species. I seek to find out what everyone believes concerning this issue, as well as how much everyone knows about alternatives.
I worked for several years at the University of Wisconsin Primate Cente, as a keypunch operator.
. Ever so often controversy arouse over the treatment of the monkeys. They were not hurt physically
as far as I know, although there was an objection to an experiment in which an animal (or animals)
were tied in chairs for long periods of time.

The experiments, that I remember,was observing infant monkeys that were seperated from
their mothers. They had something like a doll as a surrogate mother.

I have read that much is learned from these experiments which makes life better for humans,
however, no one wants to see animas suffer.

Does the good outweigh the bad? I don't know.
I personally believe not to test products on animals, thats like testiproducts on humans. Aniamls her animals have fellings so why test our products on them
I'm for performing tests on animals.

We eat animals don't we? We wear animal skins don't we? What's so different about performing tests on animals?
Some would argue that you shouldn't eat animals or wear their skins.

Me? I think it's natural to eat meat and wear animal skins, but I recognize that testing on animals is very different. When we eat meat, we kill the animal as humanely as possible or at least that's the goal (I'm sure that this isn't happening in the mass production of animals, but that's for another thread), but animal testing usually involves prolonged mental and/or physical torment...very different, specifically because it's arguable as to whether or not it's necessary. As I understand it, the FDA does not require that cosmetics be tested on animals, and yet there are companies out there that are still doing it. I think that's grossly inappropriate.

Medical testing is a different scenario, and I can agree with it in some cases, but I do think that it should be avoided if at all possible. I would have to judge it on a case by case basis.
Im against testing on animals, with the exception of medical purposes. And even then, only if absolutley necessary. The FDA does require that drugs be tested on animals first, and I think that may be the only thing that requires animal testing. Testing perfume, mascara, house hold cleaners etc. DO NOT need to be tested on animals, we know enough about chemicals now to know what is hazardous for humans (ie, we're not making lipstick with hydrocholoric acid).
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