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Full Version: Your Business Growth/Environmental Health Balance
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A question for all:

If you were in charge of creating a business growth plan for the next fifty years, how would you do it? How would you ensure that the environment remained as unharmed as possible without hindering the growth of business? (Let us pretend that funding is not an issue)

(Could business continue to grow without cutting its own throat in the environmental long run?)
Ways i think companies could work with the environment is a real nice way, recycling. They could recycle old stuff into new stuff. Maybe get the product it needs to develop that way. The government could step in, make a study/plan to develop a market or raw resources from recycling, then sell them for a cheaper price, limiting the amount of natural resources needed for a giving product like toilet paper for example. Another way is to develop more green methods of production and creation of what they make/do to survive. Somehow their needs to be a reward to help motivate wanting to be green, or all a company we see it as is a threat. I am not calling for the practice of all recycling companies to be government run and regulated, but a combined effort to produce needed materials as much as possible without taken more resources would be a start.

At the level of a single business you could contract this out to various recycling companies, it might even be more cost effective for them to get the resources they need, like how much stuff in the America is made from some form of plastic/metal. We have a lot of natural resource in circulation and in landfills, it really should be put to more use. Placement of you company to an area of people that like green companies would also help you become stable and make a profit, and in the end if such a government run market really worked well, you could have a tax cut laugh.gif and the money saved by buying the cheaper resorce could be used for the greener method of production design, or pay raises more employees, it can pay to be green, it would just be a bit socialist is all. Of course then there is the impact such a thing would have on the others that make a living providing raw resorce, such a dependency needs to be worked on.

The organization of such a union of recycling companies does not mean that the companies themselves have to become government owned. More or less just laws or bills that make them organized and allow for a accesible array of recycled resorce tunred into a market, the companies could retain there identitys as private sector through government regulation. The governments job would be to organize and then become a modest middle man, regulating the network thats used between the producer and consumer of the product until healthy enough to stand on its own, i would prefer it to be a government only thing to tell you the truth, as to give more money to the government in a way to take less presure off of the common person/company taxes. The main thing would to be how to find as many things as possible to recycle into resorce.

Its a bit of topic so overall i would just say to try and perchase recycled stuff to make your product.

One last note, being how far such a program or market could go I dont know, but the turn around of even things like computers could allow for the lower class and such like poor school districts to afford things of that nature.

To add some more to this, the ability for such a resource as recycled material to degrade through use would still leave open a very good need for raw resource, but the practice overall would lessen the blow of such a need on the environment. The stability the market like all things would have flux with the spending habits/choices of people, but i would be more interested on its effects on the companies that base their lives on raw materials. Its the real debate in my mind on the environmental front, if you make it profitable to be green you can illicit power to then change its course.
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