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Full Version: The Star Wars Kid
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Billy Jean
It was a moment of unadulterated goofiness, the kind of thing anyone might do with no one watching: A teen from Quebec videotaped himself as he pretended to wield a light saber "Star Wars" style.
But that private moment went public, very public, when classmates at his high school found the tape in a cabinet and uploaded it onto an Internet file-sharing site this past spring.

Do you think that the kid should be compensated for his "humiliation" or do you think he's gained a little bit of bent celebrity status over this and should be happy that he's getting the attention and possibly a bit roll in the final movie? huh.gif
I think he deserves compensation.

Whoever uploaded this video to the internet and the person who owns the web site is guilty of using and distributing copyrighted material without permission.

Anything stored on any kind of media (paper, hard disk) is copywritten by the author of it's content. Going to the Office of Patents and Copyrights only provides additional protection. But in many cases, it's not really necessary.

The uploader did not get permission to use that video and the web site owner (assuming they are two different people) did not have permission store and/or facilitate the redistribution of the video. The damages are enormous and the kid should get every dime he is seeking.

If the RIAA is getting a victory at every corner, this kid shouldn't even need a lawyer to win his case.
Wouldn't he need to demonstrate damages?

Since the video was not saleable material (although the guy could be in the running for the 10 grand on America's Funniest Home Videos...), the only thing he lost is some respect. Given the content of the video, he probably didn't have much to begin with...

Billy Jean
Yeah, but he was 15 and we all know how cruel kids can be at that age. sad.gif
QUOTE(Billy Jean @ Aug 27 2003, 02:43 PM)
Yeah, but he was 15 and we all know how cruel kids can be at that age.  sad.gif

Yes, they can be. And they will be, regardless of whether or not you are in some film on the internet.

What damage is done to the kid because someone 2,000 miles away sees him? He was anonymous until bringing this suit. He brought himself into the public eye (as an identifiable individual).

The kids he knows would have had the same sport if they saw the tape once, if they saw the tape on VHS, or if they saw the tape on the internet.

If he can't prove some real damages, this thing is frivolous.
If the kid would just lay low for a few years, everyone will forget it and life will go on.

Some people are just waaaaaaay too sensitive for their own good.
QUOTE(Billy Jean @ Aug 27 2003, 06:43 PM)
Yeah, but he was 15 and we all know how cruel kids can be at that age.  sad.gif

So what? It would be a frivilous lawsuit and just about any judge would throw it out. He's suffered no demonstrable damage from the tape being made public, the tape had no monetary value so he can't declare financial damage and let's face it, it's not illegal at all for the kids to do what they did. The material isn't even copyrighted and as it was not for sale, he can't claim any sort of economic harm.

He needs to grow up and get over it. If he doesn't like it, he should be more careful where he puts things.
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