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Hi, everybody. I'm new to America's Debate, but I think I've read enough posts to get used to the general flow of communication here. I came here to share with and--especially--receive wisdom from people who care a lot about politics and important issues.

I have recently found my priorities scrambled with, broken, and tampered with by lies and misinformation. You see, I (like any other decent human being) care about many issues, including the environment, human rights and welfare, animal rights and welfare, reducing the size of big government, my own life goals, and more.

Unfortunately, I'm young and inexperienced, so I must depend on others for information regarding most of these. The problem is, almost everyone and every source of info lies, exagerates, or misuses info. I know that's a bold thing to say about "almost everybody," but it's self-evident!!! In general, there's a 80% spectrum or so on almost all info I'm trying to get, with most of the info on one of the extremes.

For example: 97% of America is undeveloped, most of America's forests are fine, 80% of America's forests are lost forever, and 10% of america's forest will either be all that remains or all that is lost in the near future. Additionally, America's forests are simultaneously coming back faster than they are being lost, and being lost faster than recovered. And, BTW, nobody even defines "forest" in any of these stats, so I don't even know how much of our forests are Old/Second Growth, and how much of the forest being cut down is OG. 40% of all forests have been cut for sure, but I'm told that most of it has grown back as second growth or most of it is lost forever, and that we are permanently losing or regaining about 3% of the world's forest a year.

Another example: Almost all modern farm animals are very cruelly treated and wade in their own waste, although almost all of them have fresh air and can trot around outside all day. Animals live and die horribly while living and dieing quite peacefully. Kosher slaughter is absolutely the most terrible way to kill animals because they have joints dislocated and are held upside down for a long time, but Kosher slaughter is the least cruel way to kill animals because they instantly lose consciousness when cut and are treated kindly.

Fat Americans cause poor Americans and poorer countries to starve and work like slaves, but human welfare is the best it's been in forever.

As you can see, the fact that there is so much disagreement between what are supposed to be FACTS shows that at least half of those providing information are exagerating, misinforming, or just lying. Thus, it is IMPOSSIBLE to prioritize my political and humanitarian concerns, having no reliable info.

Finally, the question: What do you know or believe which can help me prioritize, here? What is in more need of help; animals, humans, or the planet? Can anybody give me FACTS concerning the issues? If I seem a little desperate, understand that these things are important to me, and I'm unable to find out who or what actually NEEDS my activism because of lies.

Thanks in advance!
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