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Full Version: Rosie O’Donnell verses publisher
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Billy Jean
A judge said Wednesday that neither Rosie O’Donnell nor the publisher of her former magazine deserved damages in their dispute over its demise.

MINUTES AFTER BOTH sides rested in the case, state Supreme Court Justice Ira Gammerman issued his surprising comments concluding the two-week trial.
       “It seems to me ... we’re just dealing with bragging rights here, who wins and who loses,” said Gammerman, who heard the case without a jury.

Did the Rosie case deserve the air time that it got? Is the medias hunger for sleazy courtroom trials and celebrity gossip getting in the way of real news being reported on with the amount of time and attention that it deserves? huh.gif
My channels go up to 100 and there are systems with many more options than that. There is room for Rosie's trial among all of the other programming that is less than essential material in the over all scheme of things.
Desert Resident
Sure...just as much air time as the Kolbe Bryant case (so sick of hearing about that case-but can't get my fill of the Laci Peterson case...go figure) or some of the other trivia regarding high profile figures.

A good example of a case that should have been settled outside of court! The fact that the company had to inflate the subscription numbers to keep up with the advertising contracts and to keep Rosie from legally walking out of her contract shows that the magazine was a "miserable failure" (now where have we heard that before?) and inflated egos got in the way of good business sense and practices.
Paladin Elspeth
It was tit for tat on a MAJOR scale. No doubt Rosie countersued for major bucks just to protect herself and her wounded pride. wink.gif

The verdict was a good one--both sides cutting their losses and moving on. Actually, it wasn't too bad seeing it on TV, considering that it did not involve a rape or a murder for a change. cool.gif

Now I'm wondering when we will be hearing news about Kenneth Lay and his ilk getting their day in court. thumbsup.gif
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