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Full Version: The Ryder Case
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why does a big celebrity like wynoa ryder shoplift? to me that seems crazy for she has enough money to buy anything she wants, unlike an average person. even though she is a celebrity, what do you think of this mess? wacko.gif
I think a lot of people are wondering the same thing lcoff. Did you read the list of items? An $80. pair of sox?? She must have some kind of problem I guess. unsure.gif

I agree with Mad Town...she must have a problem. From what they found in her handbag (which may or may not have been perscription) she probably does. We, of the common people find it hard to believe that there even are $80 socks, but I'm sure they are common among celebs. The law seems to be handling it in a normal way for first offense.
Hopefully she will get help.
I think its really weird that a celebrity who can afford anything they wish is stealing..that's not just insane, but funny! laugh.gif
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