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Full Version: Irresponsible Fat
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Ok- I need to hear your opinions. I'm sure you've all heard of that man, Caesar Barber of New York, who is suing four fast food chains for contributing to his health problems (NY Man Sues, Claiming Fast Food Ruined his Health)

This makes me so mad I barely know where to begin. As one who works in the legal field, I've seen countless abuses of our judicial system. This tops them all.

I hope NY has a frivolous lawsuit law and the judge will throw this one out and make Mr. Barber and his attorney pay for time and the costs incurred by the attorneys for these fast food companies.
No I agree with this man, its not our fault that we are too lazy too cook at home, or that we are too lazy to make a salad, or too lazy to go to the gym. In fact I want to take this to a new level. I got a D- in Humanities in College, I should have sued, it is not my fault I didn’t study, the class what just to boring…I mean hard. They defiantly owe me compensation for my laziness and obvious torment of having to repeat the class. I’m all for there kind of lawsuits. They just make businesses move to Mexico, and then we will have more time to just sit around….
I have had the thought for years. We should sue Big Beef, big fat, and the Federal Government (ourselves?).

We know that fat is bad for us. We know that beef contains fat. They even advertise it ie. 90% lean ground beef. The other 10% is fat.

So why, I ask, hasn't the Surgeon General required that all companies manufacturing and selling products containing beef, or any fat at all for that matter, place big labels on each package stating that "This product has been proven to cause heart disease and arteriosclerosis."

Just my thoughts...

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