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Full Version: HK XM8
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In the realm of small firearms of the assault rifle category M16 rifle and M4 carbine currently lead the way in the western countries. Although M16 rifle and M4 carbine are venerable and excellent weapons, the concept of M16/AR-15 rifle is over 40 yars old now. Is it about the time to retire the old Black Rifle? With XM29 OICW ( or being broadsided by critics as too sophisticated, regquiring extensive logistical support, bulky and expensive as a replacement option for M16, XM8 ( or seems to be the only plausible option for new assualt rifle for US armed forces.
What are you thoughts in this regard, ladies and gentlemen? ph34r.gif

M16 - Colt M16, M16
M4 - Cotl M4 carbine, M4 carbine
XM8 - HK XM8, XM8

Edited per grammar.
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