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Full Version: Martha Stewart
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Martha Stewart annonuced yesterday she wants to serve her 5 month Jail time ASAP.
She apparently doesn't want to appeal this.
Do you think it's because she is guilty, and knows she doesn't have a chance? Her Lawyers say no.
I think if it were me and I was not guilty I would want to appeal!!
Your thoughts???? ermm.gif ermm.gif
Paladin Elspeth
She might actually just want to get it over with. I wouldn't want it hanging over my head. Actually, it would have been nice for her if she could have started her jail time immediately so she could be out for Christmas.

But I don't remember--when was she sentenced? huh.gif
Interesting topic. Actually though, I think she can still appeal the judgement even while she is serving the punishment for it and if she wins the appeal even after she has done her time, at least her record gets cleared.

Personally, I think this was a business decision on her part, and a wise one. As long as this thing is hanging over her head, her business suffers from the uncertainty of what will eventually happen. Whether one likes Martha Stewart or not, one must admit that she knows how to run a business and she IS the Martha Stewart Living Company(or whatever it's name is). It can survive without her direct invovlement for the 5 months she's in jail, but it might not over the course of a year or two appeals process where nobody is sure of what will happen. So, being the talented business person she is, she cut her losses, took the jail time and will move on in a few months and re-build everything. All things considered, a good decision on her part I think.
Paladin Elspeth
Yes, you're right, Aquilla. She lives and breathes her company. How silly of me to think of it on a personal level... rolleyes.gif thumbsup.gif

It is a good decision for her from several perspectives, even though she will miss her pets.
laugh.gif I take it you're not a big Martha Stewart fan, PE. I certainly don't know her at all, but I suspect that her company is a very big portion of her personal life so I don't know that one can separate the two really. I think her decision was based on the belief that what was best for her company was best for her as well.
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