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The America's Debate forum offers three distinct view modes for viewing topics:


Standard view mode is just that-- standard. Topics will be listed in the same fashion as they have always been, with posts sorted by date.

Linear Plus

Linear Plus is the new default view mode.

When using the Linear Plus view, the first post from the topic will always be listed at the top of the page, even on subsequent pages.

This fits perfectly with our rules that require the topic to debate to be clearly listed in the first post of each topic.


Outline mode allows you to view the posts in a format that is reminiscent of old-style newsgroups and forums.

In Outline mode, the first post in the topic will always be listed at the top of the page.

Under the first post will be a chronological listing of all replies to the topic. Simply click a post to view an individual post.

If you enjoy using Outline mode and wish for your reply to appear "nested" under an individual post, you must use the user posted image button when adding your reply.

Switching Your View Mode

It is very easy to switch your view mode.

Simply click your preferred view mode at the top left corner of the first post of any given topic.


Your preferences will be stored in your forum cookie, so clearing your cookies will also clear your preferences.


As always, feel free to start a topic in Comments and Suggestions if you require further assistance.
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