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Full Version: Invitation to Join 'Fight AIDS @ Home'
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Stefan Fargus
I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone on the board to join me in assisting researchers in finding a cure for HIV. The program doesn't cost you anything except your computer's spare clock cycles and memory, and can be run, or not run as you please. Below, you'll find a brief Q&A explaining it. I hope each one of you will join, as it is a very worth-while cause and could reap great benefits for the entire world.

Q. What is it?
A. It is a simple program that you download and install on your computer, that runs scientific calculations in the background anytime your computer is turned on. Distributed computing allows researchers to run calculations that once took precious, and VERY expensive time on supercomputers, at a much faster rate of speed.

Q. What does it do?
A. The program downloads a block of raw information, then analyzes it, repackages it, and sends it back to the program server, where scientists can then easily study what your computer has discovered. A better explanation as to exactly what the program does is available at the program's Website.

Q. Is it hard to run?
A. NO. Once the program is installed and runs for the 1st time, you need only press the "play" button, similar to that on your VCR or DVD player, and it takes care of the rest by itself.

Q. Can I turn it off if I need to run a big program that takes allot of memory and it seems to be slowing me down?
A. Yes. Simply press the "stop" button, and exit the program. You can restart it manually, or it will start up itself the next time you restart your computer.

Q. Is the program a for profit, or a charitable organization?
A. The Fight Aids @ Home project is of course charitable, but the company that powers it is for profit, and like any other company requires revenue to operate. Occasionally they will run commercial applications through the system which is what allows worth-while projects like this particular one to keep running.

Will all of you join my team? Wouldn't you be honored if it was your computer that discovers the drug that can eliminate the disease altogether?

excl.gif After you've downloaded the program and it asks for your chosen user name and password, under team name type:
War Room Researchers
So I can see how many people have joined under me. smile.gif

Click Here to Join the Fight.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to post them here, or send me a PM or e-mail, and I'll be happy to get you the answers. Thanks, everybody! biggrin.gif
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