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First Degree Murder Lacy- Guilty
Second Degree Murder Conor - Guilty
Scott gets the Death Penality

The verdict was announced after lunch on November 12, 2004 same day as Lacy Peterson 28th birthday.

Judge: Peterson Jury Has Reached Verdict
Jurors in the Scott Peterson murder trial reached a verdict Friday, winding up the sensational case on their second day of deliberations after having to start back at square one twice in two days.

Judge Alfred A. Delucchi told the court, filled with attorneys, the media and Peterson himself, that the verdict would be made public at 4 p.m. EST. Audio of the court proceeding was to be made available for broadcasters, but not video, the judge had ruled.

  1. Did the Jury make the right descision or are they a bunch of cucumber heads?

  2. This case also addressed the issue of the murder of an unborn child without aborting it, should someone be accused of killing unborn children if the murder a pregnant woman?

  3. Is it an act of God because the verdict was read on Lacy's Birthday or just lucky.

Your first question is juvenile and does not set the path for constructive debate.

Your third question asks us to debate religion which we do not do on this forum; it also appears to that it is not even a serious question.

Please review this: Help with Starting New Topics

Additionally, your topic title is misleading, as no sentencing has been done in this case.
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