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Full Version: Post-Election Polls
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Yesterday, this quote was directed at me on another thread. I didn’t think a response would fit the context of that thread. Hence, I’m starting a new thread to answer the question.

Your entire argument boils down to sour grapes at President Bush plain and simple. Any shot you can take no matter how cheap will be done.

Some recent polling suggests that Americans are getting restless with U. S. Iraqi policy and Bush’s job performance and it may involve a little more than "sour grapes."

A CNN/USA Today/Gallop Poll taken December 17-19 asked if going to war in Iraq was the right choice. 48% said yes, 51% said no. A year ago 63% approved, 35% disapproved.

When the same poll asked about handling of the war, 39% approved, 58% disapproved. A year ago 60% approved, 38% disapproved.

An ABC/Washington Post Poll taken December 16-19 asked about approval of Bush’s handling of the war. The results were that 42% approved, while 57% disapproved.

The same poll asked if the war was worth fighting. The poll showed that 42% said yes; 56% said no.

Click Here for Iraq War Polls

Meanwhile, CNN/USA Today/Gallop found that Bush’s current overall job approval rating is 49% positive; 46% negative. In the week after the election the figures were 53% positive; 44% negative. An ABC/Washington Post poll gave Bush 48% vs. 49% disapproval. Fox News got 48% positive; 45% negative and Zogby got it 50-50.

Click Here for Bush Approval Polls

There is a lot more information in the two links I have provided. As with polls during the election, there seems to be some contradiction. Still, it seems that Bush is slipping in public estimation, particularly on the Iraqi war issue.

I’m not suggesting that the results of the election would be any different, but here are my:

Question for debate:

1. Does Bush’s slippage in the polls since the election indicate possible buyer remorse among voters or is something else driving the polls. Please explain.

2. What do or should the polls tell Bush and his administration?

3. Will continued slippage damage the Republicans in the 2006 midterm elections?

4. Do you think Bush’s poll numbers will continue to slip or will they yo-yo up and down through the second term?

5. Will the Iraqi War or some other issue(s) drive Bush’s approval ratings the next four years?
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