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Full Version: Martha X: The Radicalization of Martha Stewart
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I am interested in having a conversation about our justice system and whether or not an oppressed person can have a fair trial. Was Martha Stewart the victim of her own hubris and greed, or was she an example of a sexist double standard about men and women in business. Is the justice system fair to everyone?

Martha X: The Radicalization of Martha Stewart
I have a feeling the question may be too vague to keep this thread open- but I will take a stab at it anyway! LOL

Yes, there is a definate set of "tiers" in our justice system- it is easy to describe, bottom to top:

1) poor black males
2) Poor white males
3) poor black females
4) poor white females
5) rich black males
6) rich black females
7) rich wite females
8)- nothing will ever happen to them, rich white males with political connections.

I think the best and closest apples to apples example, is the Enron - Martha Stewart flap. Martha Stewart, a billionare that give money to democrats lies to investigators, gets a fairly stiff sentence for the relative small violation of the law- which really harmed no one- no investors lost any money because Martha Stewart lied.

You have Ken Lay, a close personal friend of GW, in fact, GW was being transported around in the Enron jet during 2000 election fiasco, is still out of jail, stole money from hundreds of thousands of folks, but instead he donated to republicans- and viola'- the GW "get out of jail free" card has been passed out!

Another example to me is the OJ case- you think a POOR black man would have been found not guilty?

There is also the matter of Jury selection, whenever a black defendent is in front of a jury, the lawyer try hard to get an all black jury- because, if you get an all white jury, unless they have video evidence otherwise, and maybe not even then, you are convicted!

Our justice system is horribly broken, and needs total reform, from the top down.

I think first off we need to "nationalize" lawyers- make them all state employees, and everyone gets a public defender- no matter how rich you are- and gets the same number of lawyers for both sides. You sue the tobacco company, they get a public defender, and you get a public prosecutor. The judge gets to decide if more staff are needed for the case, period.

Lawyers would not be able to hold public office, ever, with the exception of supreme court judge.

The most corrupt entity in our justice system is the the current lawyer system.
I'd say that Martha Stewart was the victim of her own hubris and greed, AND was the victim of a sexist double standard.

The problem with the American system of justice is not that Martha Stewart did go to jail for breaking the law - and none of her supporters seem to be complaining that she's innocent, just that it was minor and nobody really got hurt.

The real problem it's that Kenneth Lay (& OJ Simpson & all the other high profile "they probably did it but a clever lawyer/their friends in high places can get them off" cases) et alias) did not go to jail for their (alleged) law-breaking.
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