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Full Version: Romney vs. Reilly
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Bay State Rebel
As you probably know, Massachusetts is not exactly a red state. As a matter of fact, it has not a single federal representative or senator from the Republican party, and not a single county gave a Bush majority. The state is also home to John Kerry, as well as Ted Kennedy and the openly gay Barney Frank. Indeed, the state is the most gay-friendly in the nation, with commonwealth-sanctioned same-sex marriage and the famous Provincetown.

Somehow, however, usually through split votes and particularly shining accomplishments, this state has had a Republican governor for decades. The most recent governor is, of course, Mitt Romney. However, his term ends in 2006, and while there has been no suggestion, to my knowledge, that he will not seek re-election, his opposition to same-sex marriage has condemned him in the eyes of many.

There is also a possible contender in attorney general Tom Reilly, known for his attempts at stronger gun control and better working conditions. While I'm not certain that he has officially announced his bid for governor yet, common wisdom holds that he's sure to be the primary Democratic contender.

Romney has heard this wisdom. Some of his aides have registered domain names such as to prevent Reilly from using them to advance his campaign. Romney denies knowledge or involvement, but supports this tactic.

So here are the questions:

Do you think that Reilly is going to run?

If so, do you expect him to face any opposition from his own party?

In a race between Romney and Reilly, whom would you vote for?

In a race between Romney and Reilly, who do you think would win?

Will the recent association of Massachusetts and gay rights affect the gubernatorial election in any way?

Will Romney's aides' tactics affect the election in any way?

What changes would you expect with Reilly as governor?

Based on your answers to the other questions, do you expect this election to have an effect outside the commonwealth?
Reilly will run because he has had his eye on the job since he has entered politics. He will face opposition in his own party. Deval Patrick has already announced and depending on whether or not Romney is in the race he most certainly will face another challenger in the primary. I believe William Galvin thinks Reilly is eminently beatable. In a race between Reilly and Romney, Romney will clobber him.

Reilly is not a very exciting public speaker and he is known for the most part as apolitical opportunist who will fashion a position after he has gotten wind of the public. A good example is the Bernie Law affair. For years Reilly took no action what so ever in the priest pedophile issue until he was sure that Bernie was toast. Then he came out against him. It is interesting to note that he was careful not to offend any of Bernie's supporters by indicting him for conspiracy to cover up many felonies. He instead chose to hide under the cover of the "statute of limitations running out. It is interesting to note that Relly thought Bill Gates was more of a danger to Massachusetts than Bernie Law was. He stayed in the court suit until the last shot was fired primarily because Mass software companies are likely to repay his prosecutorial zeal by contributing to his campaign.

The gay rights issue is not likely to be a big issue in Massachusetts enough to affect Romney over Reilly. In fact the backlash may help Romney.

Romney's stature may rise nationally with a good old fashion whipping of Reilly.
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