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Full Version: Taking on the system via the Internet
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I stumbled across a rather interesting website yesterday. It is a forum board, created by a guy who felt he was cheated by a huge company and had no recourse to resolve the issue with that company as the company refused to do anything about it. Apparently others have issues with this company as well because this board has become a semi-popular sounding off point for customers of this particular company, people in business with this company, and even some employees of the company. There are also some interesting posts from those defending the company.

According to a semi-recent post, the guy running the board is seeking to sell the domain because the forum "has now served it's purpose". I can only assume that this means that the company finally corrected whatever issue he had.

The board in question is:
(sorry about the language, but that is the URL ermm.gif )

Now looking into this there seems to be several similar webpages taking on various companies. There are also other issues, like the owner of some of these URLs possibly owning them, simply to try to get the company who's name is "disparaged" in the URL to buy him out.

What I am interested in is the ways people are using the Internet to take on the real powers in America, be it political, economic, religious, or whatever.

For example:
(obviously a MUCH higher caliber then the site listed earlier in this post thumbsup.gif ).

We have all seen Bloggers take on the commercial world as well.

My question here is, what is the risk to those who start these things. Obviously, if someone works for a company and starts a site like one of these, they risk their job. But for everyone else, what risks do they take on themselves by starting such a site?

Questions for Debate:

Are there risks of legal action being taken against those who start such internet-based efforts to take on the likes of CBS, Tyco, ADT, etc?

Though the first Amendment exists, does it protect these people? Even if a case against them is eventually thrown out of court as a freedom of speech issue won't the person(s) behind the site(s) still be out large sums of money for their legal defense?

Should we advocate a measure of tort reform that would be limited to requiring that those bringing defamation suits, liable suits, and the like, must pay the legal costs of thoses they filed against if they lose.

I choose to post on the first site listed above. I was surprised to find that someone had posted about something that is happening at my office that directly effects me ohmy.gif (it was actually how I found the site, It came up on a goggle search I was doing to try to get information I could use to fight what is being done to me).

I personally choose to post there because I had some issues I feel need to be addressed and also there were some technical issued customers were facing that needed to be addressed and that I could easily answer. If my job ends up at risk because of this, so be it. It is a risk I choose to take. It is not really a big risk to me, considering that I am now seeking other employment mainly because of the way the company has treated me, and the way the companies culture has changed. So far I have had several offers that I have chosen not to take. I intend on staying with my employer until my issue with them is resolved, then I will leave for a brighter future.
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