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Full Version: Cold Feet
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I am sure all have heard of 32 yr. old Jennifer Wilbanks who got cold feet before getting married and fled.
At first Georgia said no charges would be filed. They are now thinking differently.
She lied and said she was abducted.
Her family and Fiance were put through hell praying she wasn't dead.
Hundreds searched for her.
It was a huge wedding. 600 hundred guests 14 people in the wedding party.
Do you think she should be charged to the max putting her family freinds and hundreds of volunters through this because she got cold feet?
Most people who get married I am sure are scared. I was.
When I got married I was 19.
This woman is 32.
She is not a teen.
I think Georgia should give her hell!!!!! mellow.gif mellow.gif mellow.gif

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