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Where's the Note?
When Wall Street banks securitized, packaged, sold, and resold our mortgages, they created a system where it is often impossible to figure out who actually owns mortgage notes and therefore has the authority to foreclose on properties. But the big banks are getting tangled up in their own web.
http://action.seiu.org/page/speakout/wheresthenote - Submitted: Oct 15 2010, 08:02 PM By: Lesly
Clicks: 3275 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
Video Jug
"Life Explained. On Film." A growing collection of how-to videos - everything from fixing a leak and carving a turkey to magic tricks and breast exams. And if there isn't a video (yet) about something you want to know how to do, there's a handy discussion board for advice.
http://www.videojug.com/ - Submitted: Dec 15 2008, 08:53 PM By: Wertz
Clicks: 2827 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 5
Just like Factcheck.org, Politifact.org (and com) fulfill the media job's of separating the hype from the truth.
http://www.politifact.org/truth-o-meter/ - Submitted: Sep 11 2008, 03:25 PM By: nighttimer
Clicks: 2747 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
Gap Minder
The most important site for statistical analysis I have ever seen.
http://www.gapminder.org/ - Submitted: Aug 3 2008, 08:08 PM By: lederuvdapac
Clicks: 2535 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
TED: Ideas worth spreading
TED is devoted to giving millions of knowledge-seekers around the globe direct access to the world's greatest thinkers and teachers.
http://www.ted.com/index.php - Submitted: Jun 11 2008, 03:34 AM By: lederuvdapac
Clicks: 2606 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 5
Congressional Research Service Reports, Hosted by UNT Libraries
"The Congressional Research Service (CRS) does not provide direct public access to its reports... Some Members of Congress, as well as several non-profit groups, have posted the reports on their Web sites. This site aims to provide integrated, searchable access to many of the full-text CRS reports that have been available at a variety of different Web sites since 1990."
http://digital.library.unt.edu/govdocs/crs/index.tkl - Submitted: Apr 4 2008, 11:41 PM By: schmed
Clicks: 2322 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
The web's only source for congressional salaries.

Who is employed by Congress, and how much they are paid, is often a source of fascination for the politically aware. Prior to this site's creation, members of the public needed to visit the document rooms of the House and the Senate in Washington, DC to discover who was being paid what. Now, all this information is available on the web - for residents of Alaska or Zanzibar - at the click of a mouse.
http://legistorm.com/ - Submitted: Sep 19 2006, 09:30 PM By: Cube Jockey
Clicks: 2678 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
Campaigns Wikia
This website, Campaigns Wikia, has the goal of bringing together people from diverse political perspectives who may not share much else, but who share the idea that they would rather see democratic politics be about engaging with the serious ideas of intelligent opponents, about activating and motivating ordinary people to get involved and really care about politics beyond the television soundbites.
http://campaigns.wikia.com - Submitted: Jul 6 2006, 06:22 PM By: Cube Jockey
Clicks: 2428 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
Google Earth
Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - Submitted: Jun 24 2006, 01:23 AM By: Lesly
Clicks: 2315 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
Google Notebook
Very handy site for doing research on topics, shopping, blog posts, etc.
http://www.google.com/notebook/ - Submitted: Jun 6 2006, 01:25 AM By: Doclotus
Clicks: 2255 | Votes: 0 | Rating: n/a
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